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Gannon's Mixed Martial Arts - Hinckley

Hinckley Mixed Martial Arts Classes

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Mixed Martial Arts Classes 

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Do you want to finally look great and feel better than you  have ever before  then take kickboxing lessons in Hinckley? We guarantee you will feel these benefits  when you take classes at Gannon's Mixed Martial Arts Hinckley!

It seems like every fitness programme promises the same benefits, but Gannon's kickboxing in Hinckley classes deliver! and that's what makes us different! Our kick boxing classes will whip you into amazing shape, and before you know it, you'll become toned and  and flexible ready for anything that life throws your way!

The classes at Gannon's Mixed Martial Arts Hinckely will get you sweating, smiling and learning!  Whether you're a martial arts beginner or already a seasoned expert, we will give you an full body workout by combining top styles such as Karate, kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu for a program that's sure to leave feeling amazed.  As our quality  instructors push your body to its limits, you'll effortlessly melt away unwanted fat to reveal eye-catching muscle tone from head to toe!


You can't help but get a great body when you take the mixed martial arts classes for adults at Mixed Martial Arts Hinckley!  That's because our program is the most comprehensive martial arts and kickboxing program you can find anywhere.  We've combined strength training, agility techniques, and a calorie-crushing workout with an entire arsenal of kicks, punches, and holds for the ultimate fitness program!

You will also be learning centuries-old martial arts techniques, you'll be getting the best self-defense training you could ever ask for.  In fact, after just a few classes, you'll have just what it takes to be your own bodyguard!

  • Fat-busting moves that will have you dropping excess weight super-fast!
  • Your daily stress will seemingly disappear
  • Self-defense training that will keep you safe in any situation
  • Your self-confidence and self-esteem will shoot up
  • How to protect yourself against an attacker with aggressive punches, chops and kicks

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